LT / LR / PA 

LLT / LR / PA systems

Telco PA detection systems can be used in any application you can imagine, in the most difficult working conditions. They are extremely compact, with a detection range of up to 70 meters. They can be used as a transmitter / receiver or probe. Different forms of transmitter / receiver construction are available. Easy alignment allows quick and safe mounting. Telco also offers you a wide range of PA amplifiers, MPA multiplexers and PAB "bus" amplifiers which, in combination with the appropriate sensor, form a single and complete system.


  • Distance up to 70m
  • ·LED control
  • Large choice of enclosures
  • ·Connection by molded cable or connector

PA - amplifier series

  • Distance up to 70m
  • 230VAC, 115VAC, 24VAC / VDC power supply
  • · Sensitivity adjustment: automatic or manual
  • Relay or transistor output (PNP / NPN)
  • · Adjustable delay: 0-10 sec. on / off
  • STF, Signal Tracking Feature

PAB - Bus amplifier series

  • Distance up to 70m
  • 1, 2 or 3 channel execution
  • 10-30VDC and 24 VAC power supply
  • · Adjustment: manual
  • · Output: relay or PNP / NPN transistor, alarm output
  • · Adjustable delay: 0-10 sec. on / off
  • NO / NC contact adjustable
  • · LED — system status indication
  • · Connection: up to 30 sensors.

Plus d'info ?

Telco sensors - infrared photoelectric cell, detection barrier ...

TELCO photocells stand out for their unique performance in the most aggressive environments. TELCO systems are used in applications for counting, positioning, measurement and detection.

The 6 unique properties brought together in TELCO devices:

  • Easy alignment
  • The strength of our photoelectric cells: strong to operate in the most difficult and polluted environments.
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Light fastness
  • Very high tightness
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures.