Medetec - QSDM104

Medetec - QSDM104 - industrial metal detector

QSDM 104

A set of detection equipment includes the following parts:

-Electronic unit QSDM104v
- Reel search with data according to the specifications of the order.
-QSDM 103A connection box.
- Signal cable.

The metal detector is equipped with an automatic adjustment (AGC) of the correct working point.
This guarantees good performance under varying ambient conditions for a long time.
The function of the metal detector is monitored by a fault indication system.


Sensitivity 2% of the coil diameter:

- QSDM 104A - Common in sawmills for shredders and
on the conveyors after the stone crushers.
Available in sizes 400mm * 150mm> 1365mm * 558mm.

- QSDM 104F - Armored search coil for vibrating conveyors.
Sizes 450mm> 1400mm.

- QSDM 104R - Rectangular coil for the pulp industries.